PC Gaming vs Console Gaming: Why PC Gaming is Better (Most of the Time)

It’s an old war between Pc gaming and Console gaming. Many find pc gaming more exciting and vice versa. Every person has his own opinion when gaming is concerned.

PC Gaming vs Console Gaming

Now it’s a dead end as to discuss the better gaming method. However, there are several advantages and disadvantages to these gaming methods.

PC vs Consoles: Why gaming on a PC is still better than gaming Consoles

So in this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each gaming method.

You Do You

Firstly, if you are here to see if our statements are against or in favor of your views then believe us we are on your side. The reason being in the final word you will find is that your opinion is favored. The best platform is the one where the player likes spending his time and enjoys playing the game. So when you get one such platform, then that method is best for you. However, if you are confused about which platform will serve you best and want to get the know-how if each platform then goes through this article.

Cost of Entry

The expenditure on pc gaming or console is one the main factor in deciding the best platform to use. Here we will discuss some arguments that take place in this scenario. Console gamer: pc gaming cost too much, and one has to spend such amount of money to have a good and proper pc system. However, on the console is quite economical as compared to pc Gaming setup.

Therefore as far as cost is concerned, PC gaming is not a good choice. PC gamer: if a user sets up a pc system and makes his own pc, then it’s much economical, and in the future, it will benefit the user. Moreover, pc games cost less as compared to console games and also the user does not have to upgrade the pc system for every new game as in the case of console gaming.

Now the question arises that which one argument is more strong and reliable?

I believe both arguments satisfy their subject. The difference only lies in the way each argument is taking concern in different cost issues. Console players believe in quick gaining access to gaming without taking the matter of cost seriously while pc gamers want to get a long benefit even if it cost them an amount in the beginning. So it’s entirely up to you that what kind of gaming and methods you like. None of the methods mentioned above are wrong or non-beneficial.

If You Also Need A Computer, You Can Double Up

Another thing to be taken into account is that a computer is a necessity not only for gaming but many other serious purposes as well, like for school work, office work, etc. So those people who want pc system for gaming purpose, there both these goals will be fulfilled like computer needs for school or office work, and gamin purpose will be fulfilled. While the consoles might have many capabilities but they won’t work as much as a computer is doing.

Cost Over Time

So checking out the cost ratio on time is also an important aspect of the argument. For short term purposes and less startup money purpose console fits their purpose well. On the other hand, when the term cost over time is discussed the PC gaming has more influence on this argument, and the high startup cost seems no more an issue when advantages of pc gaming are seen in cost over a time frame. For example, there is no need of getting a monthly subscription for games.

On the other hand, the console platform is more costly when compared to PC games. So if you are a frequent player and loves gaming and wish to play games available on sales, then pc gaming will save you a lot of money. The only issue present in this is that if you play some the games, the variance in the cost of games on every platform won’t have much effect on you. Therefore, it’s an important aspect that in the fight of PC vs. console gaming, we are unable to simplify the argument of “Cost over time.”

So the advantages and disadvantages of each platform can’t decide which platform is better than another, but it’s your choices and priorities that will help you get your desired platform that fulfills your interest.

Performance & Upgrade Paths

The most important benefit of PC gaming is that it has good performance and good quality graphics as compared to console gaming. The Xbox One X and PS4 Pro can run 4K games whereas on a console such games available on the console are quite low. The consoles have a lower frame rate due to the limitation of the console’s hardware. There are people that will argue that a human also cannot see above 30FPS, so it’s not much of an importance. However, the person who has experienced playing from 30 FPS to 60 FPS will definitely feel the difference between the two. In this system, the games feel more like a reality and thus improves the game experience.

Upgrade Paths

The ability that a user can upgrade his pc is also another advantage he has when compared to a console user. When new consoles have to be purchased for new games at the same time the pc can be upgraded when for new games. So in PC, you don’t have to change your PC but just to upgrade it and it does not cost you anything as in the case of the console. Only the up-gradation of the graphic card may be required. Moreover different parts of pc can be upgraded at different times not that all the parts need to be upgraded at once as in the case on consoles.

Available Games

If we take the number of games available for the PC system, then the PC system wins the argument easily. Steam and indie creators have created a number of games that are present for PC systems. If you are a huge fan of indie games, a pc system is a good option for you. Nevertheless, the games of indie are not available wider board, and the important section of players only you know titles. So as a fact pc platform for gaming does not have much potential for famous games that can be played on it, but consoles have.

However, if you like to play popular games, then it does not matter which platform to choose unless the specific games require anyone platform. However, when it comes to sports games, then there are very sports games that are supported by the pc system. Here console gaming takes the lead, as many sports games are supported on consoles only.

Older Games and Console Emulation

Another fact is that pc systems support old games. This means that one can play his childhood or old-time games. For example, there comes a time when I wish to play my childhood games like Ultima Online. This game was launched in the 90s but still one can get it in the original form. Another thing we get from the pc system is that the older emulators are also present and supported by the pc system. Have you ever wanted to keep your library with NES and SNES games? With the help of the PC system, one can have it by simply downloading the games and their emulators.

However, a console does not provide such feasibility.


The thing that I like about console gaming is that it’s simple to keep in a relaxed state while playing the games. However, in the case of the PC system set up, one has to play it actively while in console playing one can relax and freely play games while sitting anywhere on the sofa or living room. PC is equipped with Steam boxes and Steam controllers, but still, pc games can be played with the use of keyboards and with the help of mouse. Even if you try to use controllers in pc gaming, you will be at a disadvantage when other users are playing with the help of keyboards and mouse.

So console gaming when compared to pc gaming is more relaxing and freely playing platform. So if you want to play the game in a relaxing mood and environment, then console gaming is the best option.

The eSports & Twitch Scene

I believe that in the next few years there will be professional gamers that will get popularity over the net. Now the players of esports and Twitch games have got more fame as compared to previous years. This brings numerous opportunities for the best gamers to gain a special space for themselves. However, the issue is that both the esports and twitch games lean more towards pc gameplay than console play. The reason being that these games can be better played on pc systems rather than on consoles.

The games League of Legends and Dota 2 are not even present on a console platform. The other famous games of esports are available on consoles, but the problem is that playing this game on the console is not as good as playing on a pc system. So these kinds of games get popularity on PC platforms but not on consoles.

Although there are games like Call of Duty and Halo that are available on consoles most of the sports games and even in the future, seem to suit the pc system only. So if you want to be or to work to be a pro gamer and want to go for full-time streaming games, then you should go for a pc system.


The most famous and interesting drift that has started in pc gaming is that the users are able to alternate games in order to improve themselves in some way. Now the console gaming has also begun to work on this modification methods. However, they have yet not achieved that level of modification that is available for pc users. The mod I like is of Mount and Blade Warband. This mod is of Clash of Kings that converts Mount and Blade into the ice and fire song. So if you like playing games that can be modified by you or are available with modification then go for pc system because there will you will have more opportunities.

Which Platform is Right for You?

So in my view, I believe that the PC system for gaming purposes has more advantages than disadvantages as compared to consoles’ pros and cons. However, it does not say that the console is not a good platform for gaming. In fact, it means that depending upon different uses of pc platform and different features present on the pc system make it more appealing for gamers and get them more activities to do when compared to console gaming.

Consoles are also a good playing platform as they are cheaper to buy and games specially made for the console will help the gamers play them easily only on consoles. Moreover, the gamers who love playing sports games, consoles will serve them best as most of the sports games are available on consoles and are playing better on consoles only as compared to pc platform. Moreover, if you are a user who loves playing game in a relaxation mood without getting much serious and want to play the game free from tension, then console play is bet in this scenario.

Nevertheless, the pc system puts better potential in graphics, visuals and performance, less expensive games and smooth gaming experience, especially for esports and Twitch platform. The pc system does not require to be changed every time a new game is released. This means that mot any brand new generation of pc is required in order to play a new version game, or you won’t be abler to play the new game if your pc is old. But the user will only have to upgrade its pc the specific game requirement which is quite easy and economical to do. After this up-gradation, the user will be able to play the latest games.

So on the whole for me, I believe that pc system for gaming is much better when compared to console gaming. However, as far as your options are concerned it all depends upon the preference and desire that you set and that might let you o for console platform too. Many of us will also want to acquire the services of both consoles and pc systems, so as to get our gaming needs fulfilled.

So in this article, we discussed different advantages and disadvantages of both using a pc system and console system. Both this system serves the user in their best effort, and it completely depends upon the user’s desires and priorities that what kind of gaming system he wants. Both systems have their own features that are good to go with different kinds of gaming stuff and have been in use by many players. So the argument of the better systems a dead end, and it’s all dependent upon the user’s individual priorities. If you like this article, then do share it with your friends and family. And if you believe that we have missed some argue points or some features of any platform, then do let us know in the comment section below.

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